We provide responses to the most of frequently asked questions in the SeedCoin white paper. This document describes our idea, goals and math behind the SeedCoin network, as well as the staking phases and our vision of how our blockchain can make the planet greener and healthier.


This roadmap outlines our achievements and goals towards a greener planet.

June 2022
  1. White paper released
  2. Early bird staking released
July 2022
  1. Pre release staking options
  2. Development of Test-net
August 2022
  1. Test-net beta release
  2. Chain ID registration
  3. Web3 website development
September 2022
  1. Test-net launch
  2. Decentralized staking support
  3. Metamask support
  4. Web3-site launch
October 2022
  1. Main-net launch
  2. Explorer
November 2022
  1. Woodland starts using SeedCoin for payments
  2. Developer Documentation
December 2022
  1. Decentralized Finances
  2. Developer Tools
February 2023
  1. NFTs
March 2023
  1. Validation nodes release
May 2023
  1. SeedCoin foundation will be used in more than 10 eco-projects
July 2023
  1. Payments with SeedCoin in offline shops begin