The First Non-Profit DAO
in the World

WoodCoin Foundation and SeedCoin Network are launching the first non-profit decentralized autonomous organization in the world — ECO DAO.

What is the ECO DAO

The ECO DAO has a horizontal management system, so any ECO Token holder may participate in voting and governance, even for organizational development and key decision-making. All the terms are set out in the ECO DAO smart contract and available to check any time, including the ability to vote on proposed smart contract changes.

ECO Token
Price with

The ECO DAO is managed by ECO Token holders. The more tokens you have, the more stronger your vote is. This is why we decided to donate a significant part of ECO Tokens to nonprofit charities. That means that most of ECO Tokens are held by organizations that care for the environment and the planet future.

The ECO Token is based on the SeedCoin Network, which runs on the ERC-20 protocol. The SeedCoin Network does not use proof-of-work, since POW mining demands more and more powerful hardware and more and more energy, thus negatively impacting the environment. Moreover, every holder of ECO Tokens holder can participate in ECO DAO decisions as well as the development of a "green" blockchain: SeedCoin Network.

ECO Token Distribution
20% WoodCoin holders
52% Eco charities
28% Web3 projects
ECO Token Staking

The ECO DAO is a nonprofit organization as well; if the organization generates income, the income would be distributed to nonprofit charities via voting. However, we felt we could do more, and that is why we launched ECO Token staking. With ECO Token staking, a nonprofit or charity that receives ECO Tokens as a donation can them for staking and receive complimentary SeedCoins (SEED), our green cryptocurrency.

With ECO DAO, we believe we can become the most productive and open ecological organization in the world. Join us!
If you are a nonprofit or charity and are interested in learning more about ECO Tokens, kindly fill the form below.