SeedCoin Network green program

Commission distribution
Base commission fee
50% to SeedCoin fund
50% to other great projects

The base commission fee is 1% of a transaction. This is usually the only fee applied to transactions as long as the price of SeedCoin is above a defined inflation-adjusted unit quantity. 50% of this base commission fee goes to rewarding the SeedCoin fund that supports eco-projects and ideas, while the other 50% goes to a project with the trader being able to choose which project they want their money going to.

Read more on the SeedCoin whitepaper
Increased commission fee
90% will be burned
10% to SeedCoin fund

Once SeedCoin falls below the defined value, the system starts increasing the fee added to transaction costs. This increase in transaction costs makes it more difficult for people to sell their SeedCoins (which would lead to further reduced prices). 90% of this added fee will be burned, and 10% will go to the SeedCoin fund. When the increase stabilizes SeedCoin’s value, the transaction fee will revert to the Base commission fee!

Read more on the SeedCoin whitepaper
How it works
Initiating a transaction

A user opens an app for SEED-wallet management and initiates a transaction.

Cool project
Your project
Great project
Choosing a project

In the app window a user can choose a project to donate the fee to. If the app doesn’t support this feature, it’s possible to choose a project by adding its ID as the last digits to the commission fee amount.

Receive donations

50% of the commission fees go directly to the project that the user has chosen, or to a random project if the user has not chosen anything.

Easy steps to participate
01 Fill out the form
02 Add your wallet to our system
03 Receive donations