Encourage projects

As we launch Virtu Token, the token for proof of venture, we will issue more than 5 millions tokens. We are going to donate approximately 30% of this amount to projects that are running on the SeedCoin Network blockchain. We anticipate that this will accelerate adoption of our green blockchain in the crypto world, and make it possible for more development projects to be environmentally aware and safe for the planet.

Virtu Token

Virtu Token is a token that unites several ecological projects via the SeedCoin Network. In the SeedCoin Network, we use Virtu Tokens for proof of venture provisioning and staking projects. This token has been made with ERC-20 blockchain, which is better for the environment ERC-20 tokens don't use proof-of-work mining methods (those methods demand more and more powerful hardware and more and more energy to earn coins). Moreover, we use the Virtu Token for an ecologically focused decentralized autonomous organization — ECO DAO — as well as for grants to projects that help our planet and humanity.

How to participate

We invite new or existing projects to join our SeedCoin Network blockchain and not only improve your project's environmental footprint, but even receive a grant from us. Grant recipients can stake their value like others and get SEED tokens as a reward to spend it to grow their project! The only requirement is to provide us with a business plan where you can show us how you are going to attract people in your project and thereafter in SeedCoin Network blockchain.

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