SeedCoin is the first eco-friendly crypto coin that will be free from the risks of price speculation as it is not related to a fiat currency. It’s much better for daily use and not a target for speculators. What's more, the SeedCoin fund proactively participates in environmental projects to restore the planet!

Coin Stability

The main goal of the SeedCoin team is to develop a crypto coin free from speculation, designed for normal daily users and not for big market players.

Crypto Dollar

When you buy a dollar, you don’t hope it will be rise in value. You buy it to save or just to spend, and this is how we see SeedCoin - an eco-friendly dollar substitute in the crypto world.

Coin for living expenses

The basic commission fee of a transaction is 1%! You always know how it’s distributed. Such transparency and extremely low commission fees allow people to use it confidently for daily expenses.

Predictable exchange rate

SeedCoin has well-known price range, so its exchange rate is always predictable. It’s not not designed to be attractive to big whales because it is designed to be free from speculative gains and losses.

Inspires confidence

SeedCoin has a complex but open logic that aims to prevent major price fluctuations both up and down

Predictable exchange rate

The exchange rate of SeedCoin is predictable, because there is a predetermined price range within which the value can fluctuate

Means for daily expense payments

The transaction commission fee is only 1%, which compares favorably with working with fiat currencies. This is why SeedCoin is suitable to use for living daily expenses.


Almost half of transaction fees go to the SeedCoin fund that supports eco-friendly projects to help the planet

Where to buy SeedCoin

You can buy Seedcoin on exchanges. Now, SeedCoin is available to buy on BitStorage. More exchanges are coming soon!

Wallets supporting SeedCoin

You can deposit and withdraw SeedCoin with your Metamask wallet.
More wallets are coming soon!